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Tiger Woods Not Ready To Quit Just Yet

Tiger Woods Looking To Rise to The Top At The Open

If anyone thought that Tiger Woods was passed his best, then you may need to think again. Woods now feels he has got over injuries that maybe have been holding him back for while. He suggested that he is feeling the best he has done for a while which means he probably has some of that old confidence back.

By his own admission he is not as young as he was, but he’s feeling good. If you combine a fit Tiger Woods with that vast experience then would you bet against him?

This promises to be a fascinating Open Championship with all the fine young players coming through against the experience of the likes of Woods. Who knows Tiger may just show us that he has still got it.


ST. ANDREWS, Scotland – Expect to see Tiger Woods playing golf for a good long while.

“Retirement? I don’t have any AARP card yet, so I’m a ways from that,” Woods, 39, said Tuesday at the Old Course, home to the 144th British Open beginning Thursday. ” … I’m still young. I’m not 40 yet. I know some of you guys think I’m buried and done, but I’m still right here in front of you.”

In his pre-tournament meeting with the media, Woods was asked if during his struggles with his game the past two years and tussles with his surgically-repaired back he considered calling it quits and giving up on his chase of Jack Nicklaus’ record of 18 major titles.

Woods didn’t give it a thought and still has the Golden Bear in his crosshairs.

“I feel like my body is finally healed up from the surgery from last year,” said Woods, who is optimistic about winning his third British Open on the Old Course despite not having won anywhere since 2013 and his current ranking of No. 241 in the world. “They say it takes you about four-to-six months to get back, but I’ve heard a lot of guys on Tour who have had the surgery and other athletes say it takes over a year to get back.

“I think they were there probably closer to being right, it being a full year to get back. It would have been one thing if I would have gone through the procedure and then had the same golf swing, but I’ve changed the golf swing, too, on top of that, and so that was kind of a double dipper there where I had to fight both at the same time.”

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