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Kangaroo Takes Issue With Green Flag

In The Blue Corner Boxing Kangaroo In The Red Corner A Green Flag

Golf courses by nature are vast open green areas which are open to all sorts of wild life, big and small. In Australia it is not unknown for the odd kangaroo to wander on to a golf course as it is going about it’s daily business.

Recently this happened at the Heritage Golf and Country Club just outside Melbourne, nothing that unusual in that this kangaroo  seemed to be having a bad day and took exception to the flags.

The guy on the course captured the roo’s antics on film and then persuaded him to move on. Fortunately it seemed he was pissed at the flags for some reason and not anyone else.

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Sometimes you can see some pretty strange things on a golf course. Outside of the United States, you can really see some odd happenings. You know, like if you’re in Australia, you never know when a kangaroo might invade the place and start beating up flags.

Yes, this was a thing that actually happened.

Someone was out on the chipping greens recently at Heritage Golf and Country Club right outside of Melbourne, Australia. Well, while this person was trying to work on his game, this friendly little kangaroo showed up to say hello.

Now it would be one thing if it was just the kangaroo wandering around the course. However, what made this moment all the better was the fact that he seemed to have a really big issue with the flags that were on the greens.


Full story by Jack Jorgensen for fansided.com