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Has Time Caught Up With Tiger Woods?

Tiger Woods Starting To Feel His Age

It is a fact of life that all being well we will all grow old, as time will eventually catch up with us all. For Tiger Woods there seems to be a realization  that as a new generation of fine young golfers now looking  to take centre stage, and maybe time has caught up with him.

It didn’t seem that long ago when he would have known every face on the circuit, but now most of the players of his generation play on the senior tour.

These young guys idolized Tiger in his hay-day and have taken on board the things that Tiger used to do to become more of an athlete than maybe was the norm. Perhaps these young guns are now making Tiger feel just a little bit old.

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Tiger Woods is lonely these days on the golf course.

He’s feeling a bit old, too — and not just because of the cranky, arthritic knee, a surgically repaired back, a variety of aches and pains, and a receding hairline.

He’s feeling old at 39 and isolated, because everywhere he looks he sees kids.

A wave of youngsters has energized professional golf, starting with the game’s top-ranked players: No. 1 Rory McIlroy, the big kid on the block at 26 with four major titles; and No. 2 Jordan Spieth, 22, from Texas who won the Masters and U.S. Open this year.

When the 97th PGA Championship opens Thursday at Whistling Straits, 27 of the 156 players in the field will be 27 or younger.

“This is the next generation,” said Woods, who has won 14 majors but is ranked No. 262 and last won a tournament in August 2013. “I’m kind of caught right in between. This is the generation that grew up watching me play and win tournaments, and the guys that I used to play practice rounds are all gone. They’re all on the senior tour.



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