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World Top 3 Golfers Do Battle

 McIlroy Spieth And Day All In Deutsche Bank Championship

This is maybe the showdown that every golf fan would like to see right now. These 3 are the top golfers in the world and are not just looking to win the competition, they are hoping to become the worlds number one.

Rory McIlroy has the edge at the moment but that could all change. If you go on form of the last few weeks then Jason Day would be top of that list. He has been unstoppable.

What makes these guys different from previous champions and world number ones is their approachability. They all come across as just ordinary guys just doing a job wanting to be the best that they can, whilst others carried a persona, although not deliberate, where they seemed detached from everyone else.



They are from such different parts of the world.

There’s the Ulsterman, Rory McIlroy, and the Texan, Jordan Spieth, and the Australian, Jason Day.

They speak with distinctly different accents from cultures with such different views of the world, and yet they’re alike in so many ways.

These three young stars atop the world of golf share a charm, an eloquence and an openness that make the game feel accessible in ways it hasn’t since Arnold Palmer ruled over it. They’re Palmer-esque in so many ways.


Day, 27, feels that in the youthful energy running through the top of the sport.

“I think it’s kind of refreshing for the game of golf right now,” Day said Thursday at the Deutsche Bank Championship. “The kids these days, especially Jordan, Rory and Rickie [Fowler], it’s a very approachable group of kids, who you can easily be fans of.

“I feel like back in the days 10 or 15 years ago, it was harder to approach the top players in the world. For me to be able to be in that trio, it’s neat.”

McIlroy, Spieth and Day may share a certain charm, but it’s another quality that is driving their names together.

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