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Who gets The PGA Player Of The Year Vote?

PGA Player Of The Year Deservedly is Jordan Spieth

In any sport possibly the greatest honour must be, being given recognition by your fellow players and professionals. This is the position that Jordan Spieth finds himself in after being voted the PGA Tour player of the year.

This follows what has been an incredible season for Jordan who has been likened to a young Tiger Woods. Your can understand the comparisons because of his meteoric rise on the tour circuit. His all round game is not perfect, but his short game right now is probably the best, which puts opponents under relentless pressure.

Besides his obvious talent Jordan is a genuinly decent guy who people take an instant liking to, however on the golf course he is the ultimate competitor with a steely determination to win. Having set his own standards so high this season, maintaining those levels will not be easy, but then it never is at the top.

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For one extraordinary year, Jordan Spieth provided an uncanny flashback to early Tiger Woods: a year of surpassing brilliance that even reintroduced the Grand Slam to serious discourse.

Spieth, 22, could have been the PGA Tour Player of the Year by acclamation. Instead, he was voted the honor by his peers in a year in which he had, in reality, as few as one: Jason Day.

Spieth won five times, including the first two legs of the Grand Slam, the Masters and the U.S. Open. He missed a playoff at the Open Championship by a shot and finished second in the PGA Championship. He set a PGA Tour earnings record with more than $12 million and won the FedEx Cup and its $10-million bonus.


Spieth, meanwhile, repaid the bonus in kind by achieving all that without ever spiking the ball, so to speak. Humility generally does not partner with success in sports, yet Spieth won (and lost) with such grace and dignity that he did not leave a single enemy in his wake. How refreshing as well that the best player in the game is Rated G, with “gosh” his go-to four-letter word?

Who could have seen this coming? Obviously, Spieth was good, but good does not provide separation from the majority on the PGA Tour. He was potentially great, but potential and reality don’t always align, especially in professional golf. Coming into this season, he had only one tour victory on his scorecard, the John Deere Classic in 2013.

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