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Indian 10 Year Old Wins World Golf Title

Shubham Jaglan Lifts Junior World Golf Title

This is the amazing story of Shubham Jaglan who won the Junior World Golf Title at the age of ten. This remarkable young  man has incredible talent for some one so young.

His family have made enormous sacrifices that have allowed him to develope his talent through the Golf Foundation. The family had a business in milk in their home town of Haryana, which they sold so that they could move to Delhi to allow Shubham the coaching and training that he needed.

His father has worked extremely hard for him and been there every step of the way in Shubham’s development. The effort of everyone is now paying off with Shubham’s victories at this stage vindicating their decision to move to Delhi.

NEW DELHI: About three years ago, India’s former top golfer Nonita Lall Qureshi was taken by surprise by one name that kept popping up on the leader board of every small tournament for kids. Nonita, a certified coach and a talent scout for The Golf Foundation, wanted to find out more about the boy: Shubham Jaglan. But nobody seemed to know anything about him. It was, as if, the boy came from nowhere.

When she finally traced him to Israna, a village in Haryana’s Panipat district, Nonita discovered he was the son of an uneducated milkman. That Shubham trained at an abandoned agriculture field. That he practised his bunker shots from a cement mixer filled with sand. That he rehearsed chips near his angaan from a tiny grass strip with holes. That he learnt much of his golf primarily watching experts on YouTube.

On Thursday, when Shubham claimed the IMG Academy junior world championship for the 9-10 age category in San Diego, it wasn’t just another trophy on a burgeoning shelf — he has already won over 100 tournaments — it was a heart-warming moment of breath-taking young talent overcoming overwhelming odds with the right support.

How a village boy from Haryana picked up golf clubs is a gripping story the way Nonita tells it. It appears that an NRI set up a small golfing range in his home village of Israna. He bought the kids some equipment and hired a local caddie to teach them. But after a few months, most kids seem to lose interest. The caddie too quit, but not without leaving some equipment at Shubham’s home and telling his father that his son had real talent. Despite the setback, Shubham kept practising on weekdays. On weekends, he took a bus to the Karnal golf course to hone his game.

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