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Golf Course May Replace Bald Eagles

Bald Eagle Nesting Site At Risk From Possible New Golf Course

A key bald eagle nesting site is under threat in Virginia from a potential development which will include a golf course and expensive housing. This nesting site is critical for the increase in population of the bald eagle.

The corporation that owns the land will surely have a fight on their hands if they try to proceed with their plans. The question will be, is another golf course really needed in this area especially with what is going to be sacrificed.

The nesting site is not the only thing to be lost, but also a vast area of beautiful scenic countryside which would be gone forever. This is one issue that will not be resolved easily, and one that the conservationists will be fighting all the way.

Story by Jason Parker for AddictingInfo

Virginia is right in the heart of America’s golf country, so it probably comes as no surprise to learn that Richmond County already has several sprawling golf courses. Now they want one more. And they want to place it in a region that is famous as one of America’s biggest, and most crucial, bald eagle nesting sites.

The corporation who owns the land on which the nesting site sits plans on destroying much of the scenic area and replacing it with an 18-hole golf course, a big resort building, and a new (pricey) housing development for those whose bank account allows them to live right there on the links.

According to opponents of the plan, there are a lot of good reasons not to develop the land and turn it into yet another unneeded golf course.

Bryan Watts, director of the Center for Conservation Biology, put it more matter-of-factly: “This is a global hot spot,” he told the Washington Post. “There’s no other place on the continent like the Chesapeake Bay for eagles.”

And the positives another golf course would bring: a few golfers who are bored of the other three golf courses nearby have another place to tee off?