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Fantastic Unconventional Golf Shots By The Ladies

Best “Outside The Box” Golf Shots From The LPGA

There are times when things don’t quite to plan on the golf course. It could be a slight lapse in concentration or maybe a bit of bad luck to catch a gust of wind at the wrong moment, which results in a difficult lie.

I don’t think anyone would want to lose a stroke if there was a way to get out of a tight spot because the golf ball had nestled close to a tree or on the very edge of a bunker. Sometimes you just have to think outside the box and play a shot that is awkward and unconventional.

Occasionally it all goes horribly wrong and the situation might have become worse, however if it works the shot is saved, and who know’s, might be the difference between winning or being runner up. The ladies in this video certainly were thinking outside the box when they played these fantastic shots.

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Watch the video below

Video Courtesy of the Golf Channel

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