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Donald Trump Scores An Amazing Own Goal

Trump To regret Losing PGA Tournament

Donald Trump is now realizing the backlash of his illadvised remarks he made about Mexican immigrants. The PGA of America wanted distance themselves from those sorts of remarks and by doing so have decided to move a major event away from one of Trump’s golf courses to a venue yet to be decided.

Obviously this wasn’t a decision taken lightly, but one that was agreed amicably. As yet this is the only event to be changed, it remains to be seen if more golfing competitions
are moved.

Dispite the Critism of Trump he still stands by what he said, I’m sure we haven’t heard the last of this. Reports recently claim that golf is in decline in the USA, which might partly account for the decision of the PGA of America.

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About five years ago, when golf was going through an economic downswing, Donald Trump took the opportunity to buy in, scooping up failed properties. He already had courses emblazoned with his name around the world, but credibility? That eluded him.

Soon major golf tours came calling, bringing big-money, high-profile events to his courses. Major championships — the prized possessions of every club — came next. In short order, Trump had gone from outsider to having a seat in the club.

Now he is wondering if he will get to keep it.

“I’ve been very loyal to golf,” Trump said Tuesday in a telephone interview. “I own 17 clubs. They all do great. We will see whether or not golf is loyal to me.”