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Could McIlroy Make Early Return

Rory McIlroy Hints At Return In PGA Championship

Speculation is rife that Rory McIlroy may make a sensational return in the PGA championship after damaging ligaments in his ankle following a game of soccer. If this turns out to be the case then his medical team have done a great job.

If McIlroy does play then there will be some concerns that perhaps it is too soon. The risk would be that the injury isn’t properly healed and he could end up having more time out of the game. Any physio or work in the gym can’t really replicate the pressures and stresses that are endured during a round of golf.

I guess you can understand McIlroy’s eagerness to play so that he can maintain his number 1 standing, just so long as it doesn’t come at a too higher price.


Story by Emily Kay For SBNation

With Rory McIlroy sending not-so-subtle messages via social media that he is ready to return to golf at next week’s PGA Championship, at least one former PGA Tour player who has dealt with chronic injuries cautioned the world No. 1 should about making his first appearance after rupturing his ankle at the hilly Whistling Straits venue.

Notah Begay III, now an analyst with Golf Channel and close friend with the oft-injured Tiger Woods, sounded a warning about what could happen if McIlroy came back too quickly from medical problems.

“With regard to the injury, having dealt with it myself and having seen Tiger deal with just the various injuries that he’s had, it might be a bad idea for McIlroy to even come back, because you can’t hold back those competitive fires,” Begay said during a Wednesday conference call to promote the PGA at Whistling Straits “You get out there and your body wants to go and your mind knows what to do, but man, if you’re not 100 percent, you risk the rest of the season or possibly hurting something else.”

As the golf community awaited an expected Thursday update from Team Rory about whether their man can defend his PGA title, McIlroy offered rather graphic evidence as to why he was unable to do so at the British Open and this week’s WGC tilt at Firestone.

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