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Brilliant PGA Demo Day With Bubba Watson

PGA 2015 Demo Day With Golfer Bubba Watson

This was a great event to give golf fans an opportunity to get an insight into background of Bubba Watson and to learn some techniques for various strokes. In the video Watson comes across as a genuine approachable guy and also very humorous.

What was surprising was the fact he said he had never had a proper golf lesson. His father taught him the very basics of how to grip the clubs and swing, but everything else is self taught.


During the session with Bubba he demonstrates different types of shots from low to high, and draw shots to cuts. Throughout the day the audience get a chance to ask questions and pick up some useful tips to help their own game.

During the video one thing that Bubba says he does from time to time especially if he has a new club, is play a whole round with just one club. He then goes on to explain why.


This is a great video that gets up close to a top professional.

Click the image below to watch.  Enjoy.


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