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Brand New Live Golf Tracking

Real Time Technology Gives Instant Golf Tracking

There are different pieces of technology in the market that can be used to analyze golf swings or measure distances etc. However this new product called Game Golf is something a little different. It tracks golf shots and gives feed back through an App almost immediately.

The benefits of this are that instead of having to analyze data after a game the information can be viewed almost straight away, and action taken on the next shot.

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You could almost say it is like being coached while you are on the course, because if for example you play a shot that is a bit wayward, you could then adjust on your next shot. On the previous version the information was viewed later, but now you can act on it immediately while it’s fresh in your mind.

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John McGuire had never golfed before, but he had a background in sports psychology and big data. And it was that combination that eventually drove him to start Active Mind Technology, a sports technology company that first launched with a golf shot-tracking product.

Now Active Mind Technology is coming out today with an updated live-tracking golf shot device that attaches to golf clubs and sits on a player’s belt called GAME Golf. It tracks shots and feeds that data back to an application that shows a player’s performance, giving them feedback that helps them improve their gameplay.

The goal behind all of this, however, is to make sure the data is presented in such a way that it is actually useful to players without just being a big data set that’s hard to parse.


The first version of the product allowed users to review their shots after the fact, but the new version is focused on viewing performance live through an app. GAME has a database of golf courses that help show the exact metrics for a golfer for on-course play. The company also has sought out partnerships with professional golf players and organizations to boost its presence in the overall industry.

“The bottom line was, if you can collect data and make it easy to get the data, and then visualize the data, in an engaging way, you can create stories from the data,” McGuire said. “Data on its own is dry. That isn’t what we did back then.”

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