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Allenby Sacks Caddie During Round

Robert Allenby Sacks His Caddie After First 9 Holes In Canadian Open

There are times went sport can throw up some extraordinary events. The game of golf is no different. During a round if golf the players right hand man has to be his caddie, not just carrying clubs, but giving advice as well.

It would seen almost unthinkable for a pro golfer not to have a caddie. Well during the Canadian open Australian golfer Robert Allenby appeared to sack his caddie after the first nine holes. There appeared to be some sort of altercation between the two during the round which resulted in caddie Mick Middlemo discarding the clubs and walking off.

This bizarre turn of events lead to some embarrassment and confusion, but eventually someone from the crowd offered to carry the clubs for Allenby for the rest of the round. It has been an eventful few months for Robert Allenby and this must be up amongst them.

Story by Sky Sports


Robert Allenby sacked caddie Mick Middlemo midway through his opening round at the Canadian Open after a blazing row between the pair.

Allenby and Middlemo appeared to disagree over a club selection on the 13th hole at Glen Abbey – Allenby’s fourth of the day – and his approach to the green ended up in a creek.

The mistake led to a row on the fairway and after Allenby completed a triple-bogey seven on the hole, Middlemo took off his bib and walked off course, with a surprised spectator taking over on his bag,

Australian Robert Allenby sacked his caddie mid-way through his opening round at the Canadian Open, and then withdrew from the tournament

“My nerves have been rattled. I’m in shock,” Allenby told SCOREGolf after shooting 81 and withdrawing from the tournament.  “This is the worst incident I’ve ever witnessed as a player.

“I said to him (Middlemo), ‘You know this happens every week. We keep making bad mistakes and you’re not helping me in these circumstances’.

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Top Image courtesy of Sky Sports